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Cynthia Closkey

"Farting With the Stars" gets my vote.

It would be awesome to have a "Polyester"-style scratch and sniff card to accompany the watching of the show. So the viewers/smellers could participate, you know. Or just to share the joy.


I'm hoping to have Wilfred Brimley and Bea Arthur as my first stars.

Mountain Mama

For some reason, Ernest Borgnine comes to mind.


Or, you could consider a "romantic" TV show called, "I Love You With All My Fart."


Well, I think the bright side for Melvin would be... it's better to be called "Starvin' Melvin" than "Stinky Melvin."


"Fart Search!"
"Wheel! of! Flatulence!"
"The Fart is Right"

I really like "Farting with the Stars". I think that "So You Think You Can Fart" is a better title (I like the explicit challenge), but I just want to see John Goodman, Brett Butt, and Kevin James all sitting on a couch across from some random contestant, the lot of them eating beans and sausage and sauerkraut, and watching the poor host (I'm thinking someone small, with a great "gross-out" face, maybe Ellen Degeneres or Vicki Lewis) squirm.


I like "So You Think You Can Fart" but the premise makes me think of "Fart Factor."

Ms. Caroline

Hoof Hearted. Go on, say it fast. Faster! Faster! There ya go. I'm juvenile.


I have nothing to add other than I love the way you write. I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes.

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